Jon Donahue Update: Daughter calls dad ‘such a positive guy through it all!’

Jon Donahue. Submitted
Jon Donahue. Submitted
Beautiful words today from Jon Donahue’s daughter, Alyssa Marie Donahue, on Facebook, along with a photo of her dad resting comfortably following a second brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor: “Day 2 sleeping very good! (yesterday): his incision started to bleed yesterday, the doctor had to put a few more stitches in. He is very confused due to the surgery and the pain medications! He is very tired also! He gets moved from ICU to a step down room today! Haven’t seen him yet today! But I will keep you posted! Love you Daddy! You got this! Stay strong! Your such a positive guy through it all! Love you once again!”

Howie: Vote Howie campaign adds to leadership team

HowieHansonwhite150bwI’m pleased to announce three key leadership appointees to the Vote Howie for 4th District Duluth City Council campaign committee.

Nicole Leonard and Ben Hanson have agreed to serve on the Vote Howie for 4th District Duluth City Council campaign leadership team. Submitted
Nicole Leonard and Ben Hanson have agreed to serve on the leadership team of the Vote Howie for 4th District Duluth City Council campaign team. Submitted
Ben Hanson, 29, has been named Vote Howie campaign committee chair. A Duluth high school music teacher who graduated from the College of St. Scholastica, Hanson taught choir at Unity School and Duluth East High School this past academic school year. Yes, he’s also our son, and he is my first and only choice to lead the campaign. Ben is one of the most brilliant, caring and trustworthy persons I know. He resides in the 4th District, and regularly plays piano at Holy Family Catholic Church and Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln Park, and has a strong knowledge of local politics. He resides in Lincoln Park.

Jon Donahue
Jon Donahue
Jon Donahue has accepted the position as Vote Howie campaign committee vice-chair. We’ve dedicated the 2013 Vote Howie for 4th District Duluth City Council campaign in honor of Jon, as he continues to recover nicely at home from major surgery and a stroke. Donahue, one of the original The Average Guys, is very passionate about politics, and we plan to appropriately honor him on inauguration night. He resides in Piedmont Heights.

And finally, Nicole Leonard, who is working towards a master’s degree at the College of St. Scholastica, has committed to serve as Vote Howie campaign treasurer. She might be the most organized, polite and sincerest person I know. She sings in the choir at Holy Family Catholic Church and works at Walgreen’s in Duluth Heights. She also resides in Piedmont Heights.

I’m pleased that these outstanding District 4 residents have joined our campaign leadership team. We’ll announce more leadership team appointees later this week — all District 4 community leaders.

Note: Howie Hanson is the DFL-endorsed candidate for 4th District Duluth City Council.

Quote City: Local views of the new Vikings stadium design

Minnesota Vikings.
Minnesota Vikings.

On the new Vikings stadium design:

Duluth Mayor Don Ness: “It’s certainly bold. With this sort of leap in architecture, the proof will be in how well it holds up in twenty years. Hopefully the space will provide a great experience for the fans and the players and the building itself will become an iconic structure that all Minnesotans will take pride in. This stadium needs to stay relevant for 50 years to make the investment worthwhile. Sometimes ultra-modern designs don’t age well and you find additional unanticipated issues. Personally, I prefer the classic, traditional structures, but I know there were some very talented people working on this design. Hopefully they have designed a stadium that will become the new standard for football stadium for the coming century.”

Local sports guru Fred Friedman — “Nice stadium, nice design. More wealth for the Wilfs …. The Greeks and Romans of two millennia ago would be very excited.”

Minnesota-Duluth football coach Curt Wiese: “Looks like a state-of-the-art facility. The Twin Cities area deserves a high-quality place to watch the Vikes.”

Local sports expert Jon Donahue: “Champaigne taste on a beer budget, during this economic time.”