UW-Superior to host Building a Culture of Peace for the Children of the World exhibit

The University of Wisconsin-Superior will host the Building a Culture of Peace for the Children of the World exhibit April 3-13.

A free opening reception will take place on Monday, April 3, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Erlenbach Gathering Space in Swenson Hall. The keynote address will be given by Dr. J.P. Leary, faculty in First Nations Studies at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and there will be a musical performance by the Superior Community Youth Choir.

The exhibit, which is open to the public, is the result of an ongoing collaboration to bring annual exhibits to campus which encourage individuals to reflect on their roles in creating culture of peace and respect and engage in activities which bring about an inclusive, respectful and peaceful environment.

“Building a culture of peace is one of the most important callings of our times,” said Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo, UW-Superior professor of legal studies and program coordinator of the legal studies and criminal justice program. “If all of our citizens and community members worked hard to build knowledge, skills and capacities around peace-building and peacemaking, we would be able to proactively and positively respond to many conflicts in ways designed to strengthen our community and not tear it apart. This exhibit provides great applied skills to aid that important work, and I know that anyone taking the time to walk through the exhibit will find suggestions that are pragmatic and valuable to build peace in our communities.”

The exhibit seeks to increase viewer awareness of their power to create peace and brings together the ideas of hundreds of people and organizations dedicated to finding a path to lasting peace. The exhibit is designed to stimulate critical thinking and personal engagement that will leave viewers with a renewed confidence that a culture of peace is possible – and a necessity – for life on earth.

University of Wisconsin System institutions are mandated to create environments that are safe and free from violence, harassment, fraud, theft, disruption and intimidation. UW-Superior takes this mandate seriously and is committed to the ongoing development of a community of peace.

As defined by the United Nations, a culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, modes of behavior and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations.