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Amsoil Arena going cashless starting today

Amsoil Arena, part of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, will be moving exclusively to digital payments for all entertainment and the upcoming UMD hockey season (women's and men's games) starting Friday. The DECC is following the industry's lead to only accept credit, debit and contactless payment.

This change is exclusive to Amsoil Arena and will not affect other venues or events at the DECC not taking place in Amsoil Arena. The parking lot will still be able to take cash.

Guests will be able to convert cash to a DECC concession card at the Amsoil Box Office located on the skywalk level of Amsoil Arena.


The benefits of cashless payments include faster lines and cost savings for the facility. Cost savings come from fewer staff hours spent counting physical money and the ability to expand the use of the DECC’s Volunteer Fundraiser Program in these difficult-to-fill frontline positions. Local organizations provide these volunteers who perform work tasks, such as concession work, in exchange for a donation made directly to the organization.