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City of Duluth press release

Duluth has received a couple of inches of wet snow and mixed precipitation since yesterday, and City of Duluth snow operations crews have been out working on clearing main roads throughout the event.

Operations has been focused on mains initially but is moving into residential streets as the snowfall lulls this morning. Our thanks to them for keeping those main roads open for ambulances, emergency vehicles, etc.

The National Weather Service in Duluth is forecasting another inch or two between now and tomorrow. If and when snowfall does pick back up, plow operations will refocus on mains until the snowfall subsides, at which time the focus will go back to clearing residential streets and alleys. Residents can do their part in helping with street maintenance operations by remembering to get out and move their cars on Sunday between 4pm and 8pm from to the opposite side of the road. For information about alternate side parking, please visit

For more information on our snow and ice policy, please visit