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Roger Reinert. Howie/

Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert will deliver his first State of the City Address on Thursday, April 25 at 6 p.m. at Denfeld High School Auditorium. Reinert blitzed two-term incumbent mayor Emily Larson, who raised the city's local property tax levy by over 100 percent in her eight years in office, by nearly 20 percentage points in last November's general election.

"I'm eager to deliver my first State of the City," Reinert told the Thursday morning. "We just passed the 100-day mark, and I promised the public that's when they could expect an update. I'm especially excited to go west and deliver it at historic Denfeld High School. We will spend time talking about the big issues – housing, tax base development, streets and utilities, and downtown Duluth. Effective and efficient core city services at a tax rate we can afford and sustain. The public can expect to hear about the actions we've already taken, and the actions that lie ahead as we turn our 1000-foot ore boat in a new direction."