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Print It! Roger Reinert on downtown Duluth housing

Roger Reinert Facebook page.

A Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert post on Facebook today – "Downtowns were once commercial, and then professional. Their future is residential. My goal is 1,000 people living in Downtown Duluth – an entire new neighborhood. Residents bring energy, investment, retail, and more eyes on things. Housing downtown isn't just talk. The new Lakeview 333 project is an exciting major step towards our goal. 210 units. 15 stories. $87M investment. Good for our community, good for our downtown, and good for our construction trades who will build this major new building – the tallest residential structure we've seen in decades. Projects like this don't just happen. BZ (Navy for “great job”!) to the development team, our planning and economic development staff, our partners at the Chamber and Downtown Duluth, and our local economic development authority. It took everyone rowing in the same direction to make this project happen!"

Roger Reinert Facebook page