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Reinert being interviewed at today's luncheon. Facebook

Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert on speaking at Tuesday's Chamber luncheon – "Thank you to the folks at the Duluth Chamber for having me speak today at this month’s 'Let’s Do Lunch' event. It was the largest audience they've ever had in the 20+ years of the program! I was able to speak a little bit about how it’s going, some things that have already changed like key leadership positions, and my mission of effective and efficient core city services at a tax rate that we can affordable and sustain. We spoke for over a year on the importance of core City services, and are hard at work aligning the fiscal and human resources to get it done. I spent a few minutes talking about our top five priority areas: 1) Housing Across All Income Levels: inviting investment and focusing on being a good partner 2) Commercial Tax Base Development: creating a deeper tax base and financial independence through economic growth 3) STREETS!!! (and Utilities): Investing in infrastructure to meet our most basic responsibilities 4) Downtown Duluth: Creating a safe and inviting environment in our downtown 5) Affordable Tax Burden: Focusing where and how the city spends our tax dollars. I want to again thank the Chamber for having me today. 'Let’s do Lunch' is one of their most popular programs, and is designed to provide a venue to build connections with professionals and listen to other leaders. I rarely miss and was honored today to be the keynote speaker!"