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Chloe Johnson. Greg Johnson / For Duluth Times

Duluth Marshall's Chloe Johnson, a 5-foot-10 point guard who led the Hilltoppers in scoring last season as a 7th-grader, is one of the top prospects in the nation in the class of 2028 and already has a full-ride scholarship offer from the University of Minnesota. Chloe on her summer 2023 training and short- and long-term basketball goals:

“Played lots of hoops again this summer, about 50 games. I started the season with my local Starks team and just finished three weeks with All-Iowa Attack 17 EYBL at the Nike Nationals in Chicago and in tournaments in Minnesota and earlier this week in Iowa. It took some getting used to playing with and against older, higher-level players with All-Iowa. I scored 19 points in one game at Nike, where we finished second overall, and averaged about 11 points a game in the three tournaments overall with All-Iowa. I also played for Starks in a tournament in North Carolina earlier in the summer. Shooting is one of my strengths, and I need to get stronger and faster. My ultimate goal is to play D1 and pro. In the short-term, for the upcoming Marshall season, our goal is to make it to the state tournament.”