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3rd District Commissioner Ashley Grimm on St. Louis County leadership listening to and delivering on behalf of constituents: “People deserve to be heard. It’s important that people see that their elected representatives care and listen, that we take them seriously, and put their money where our mouth is. It builds trust in local government.

“I’m personally committed to investments in neighborhoods across our county – especially in my West Duluth district. An example is in our Gary-New Duluth neighborhood, where the community has been doing amazing voluntary work for years to raise money for a new park and pavilion. I pushed hard to use American Rescue Plan funds allotted to the county for youth activities and helping to build healthy and resilient kids. It’s something that everyone campaigns on, and we needed to help the neighborhood cross the finish line on projects such as this. We were able to commit $250,000 to help close a $600,000 funding gap. There continues to be historic investment in the West Duluth community, and people realize that the county listens and delivers, as it’s able to. These are essential spaces.”