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Howie Hanson

Gary Doty, former Duluth mayor – "Mayor Reinert did an excellent job of identifying the issues most Duluthians care about. He articulated well their current status, what changes need to take place and how he would tackle these challenges head on. He has placed a great deal of pressure on himself and his administration due to the boldness of his agenda. I believe he is up to the task. What I heard from those in attendance last night and 'on the street' today was satisfaction with his aggressive approach. He recognized that Duluth cannot live in a bubble but must work and cooperate with other cities in the area, St. Louis County and the State of Minnesota in order to achieve success and see population growth in Duluth. I believe that with his energy, leadership and communication skills, he will succeed in his efforts." 

Matt Baumgartner, president, Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce – "The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce appreciated Mayor Reinert's inspiring and insightful State of the City address. We are encouraged by the Mayor's alignment with the Chamber's strategic pillars focused on economic development, improving business conditions, and fostering inclusive community progress. Mayor Reinert's detailed action plans for addressing housing across all income levels, stimulating population growth, enacting responsible taxation, and enhancing community safety resonate strongly with our vision for a thriving Duluth. These areas are critical for not only sustaining, but also elevating the quality of life and business in our city. We were particularly pleased with the Mayor’s commitment to creating a tangible roadmap that addresses these core issues. His initiatives promise to invigorate our local economy and ensure a prosperous future for all Duluth residents and businesses. We are looking forward to collaborating with Mayor Reinert and other city leaders to effectively implement these strategies. Together, we can make Duluth the best place to raise children!"

Reinert spoke at a post-event press conference Thursday. Howie /