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Local response to the Duluth Harbors Monsters' 86-34 indoor football exhibition victory over Up 1 Athletic Showcase (Atlanta) on Saturday night at Duluth Arena:


Ebony Carter – "It was an amazing game. But it was more than that for me. I watched my son (Terrance Wenzel) and daughter (Mikayla Wenzel) perform on the same platform while playing for our community. There is nothing more I could ever ask for. The Duluth community, when it comes to support for our local athletes, we show up and show out. I am just proud."

Jon Carlson – "I thought the atmosphere was electric, and I was glad I was there. The Harbor Monsters have an outstanding collection of athletes who are quick and talented. I was at Hoops Saturday morning to listen to Brian Prudhomme and Dave Cook talk to the coach about the team they put together. They're a group of athletes working towards a common goal: to bring this exciting brand of football to Duluth and earn a bunch of wins simultaneously. If Saturday night's exhibition indicated what to expect, we're in for a great season. There are many nuances to the game, and once the fans understand them, they'll enjoy the fast-paced game even more. Congratulations to the owner, the GM, the coaching staff, the cheerleaders, the mascot, the announcers, and especially the players for a job well done. I will be back."

On the Timberwolves, who trail Dallas 3-0 in their Western Conference championship best-of-7 series:

Fred Friedman – "Maverick's superstars Doncic and Edwards have clearly outplayed Wolves superstars Towns and Edwards in all three games and it is not close: more points, higher shooting percentages from the field and the free throw line. Despite playing two centers, Minnesota has not been able to come close to stopping Doncic. Dallas takes better shots, has demonstrated more maturity and has played more team basketball than the one and one Minnesota. The Timberwolves needed to start out 2-0 at home and they did not. Dallas has played much better in May when it counts most."

Mike Zagelmeyer – "It’s simple; their two best players are playing better than our two best players. Your best players have to play their best in big games. Towns and Edwards have not been good in this series at all."

Ben Haugen – "I feel like I’m watching the ‘89 and ‘90’s Chicago Bulls trying to beat the Pistons. The TWolves are a year or two away. The difference is, in today’s NBA, teams don’t stay together - so who knows?"

Tom Elwell – “Is it over? Maybe? They just haven’t reached the performance level they had against Denver. Pure domination. Poor performance by Wolves tonight, though. Give Dallas some credit. They have two superior stars who out-played all of the T-Wolves stars. Dallas was the dominant team. Can the Timberwolves win four straight? Possible. Just not probable.”

Steve Battaglia – "We’ve got a little problem here! KAT hasn’t gotten going, but the real story is more about how good Luka and Kyrie have been - unreal!"

John Gilbert – "The Timberwolves run was fun while it lasted, but they came undone in all three of the first three games against Dallas, which got superior play from Doncic and Kylie Irving at crunch time in the fourth quarter. It was not mandatory for Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns to fall apart in the final minutes, but they did!"

Steve Korby – "Doncic and Irving are both great scorers. When instilled with confidence, they become unstoppable. They’re both riding a high wave right now. The Wolves have played incredible, but it might not be enough."