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Reprint It! Ice painted at Amsoil Arena


A Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Facebook post: "The ice is painted!! You know what that means... BULLDOG HOCKEY SEASON IS NEAR. Are you curious about how it works to paint the ice? Here's a quick behind-the-scenes recap: 24 hours after the Whiskey Myers concert, ice was put in for hockey camps. Once the hockey camps were over earlier this week, the ice crew shaved the rink down to a quarter inch above the concrete in preparation for painting. (They can't shave down the ice much father than that out of fear of pulling up the lines and white paint.)Then bright and early Wednesday morning, the stenciling began at 6:30 am and took about 2 hours.With 13 people painting, it took approximately 6 hours to paint everything. Once the painting completed and dried, the next steps are to build the ice over the next few days. The ice will be ready to have skates hit it on Monday! All ready to go for UMD Men's & Women's Captains practices starting next week."

Amsoil Arena. Facebook