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St. Scholastica to host virtual discussion on angels and demons

Do people still believe in angels and demons? Is it possible to hold such beliefs today?

The College of St. Scholastica will host Father Gregory Pine, OP, for an exploration of these questions from a Catholic perspective. This virtual discussion of the place of angels and demons in our modern world will be held on Wednesday, April 17, at 7 p.m. and is open to the public.

Father Gregory is an instructor of dogmatic and moral theology at the Dominican House of Studies and an assistant director of the Thomistic Institute. He will speak with Dr. Kevin Vaughan, director of Catholic Studies and Theology and Religious Studies.

“A quick look at the Bible shows a world full of angels and demons. Angels carry messages from God, tidings of peace and joy, while demons attempt to foil God’s plans by spreading lies and sowing discord. The twentieth-century Bible scholar, Rudolf Bultmann, famously denied the possibility of believing in such creatures in an age of ‘electric lights and radios’; meanwhile the Catechism of the Catholic Church declares the belief in angels and demons a ‘truth of faith’,” Dr. Vaughan noted. “I look forward to discussing such beliefs with Father Gregory as part of the Catholic Studies Lecture Series.”

The webinar is sponsored by the Braegelman Program in Catholic Studies, a program that explores the Catholic intellectual tradition with students and the larger community. The program showcases Catholicism as a monument of human flourishing and is designed for those interested in deepening their knowledge of Catholicism’s rich tradition and its interaction with culture.