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Roger Reinert at a 2023 mayoral election fundraiser. Howie /

By Kelli Latuska

Mayor Roger J. Reinert announced today in a press event at City Hall his selection of City Councilor Arik Forsman as mayor pro tem, or acting mayor.


Councilor Forsman will serve as acting mayor for mayoral absences of shorter durations as needed over the next two years, including Mayor Reinert’s quarterly naval reserve duties. “Councilor Forsman has the seniority and a wealth of experience that I think is relevant and provides me comfort, as well to his colleagues and the public should anything happen to me, and should he ever need to be called into service,” said Mayor Reinert of his selection.

Forsman, who recently won his re-election bid for his at-large council seat, said, “While this is not the first time I have served in the role of acting mayor — I previously did so under the Larson administration when she was absent for various reasons — I am deeply honored and grateful for the appointment by Mayor Reinert. I am also really glad to be able to provide Commander Reinert the support
when he needs to step away from mayoral obligations to perform his military service. I think it’s great that you can sit in the highest seat in the City of Duluth and still serve your country in this way.”

The Duluth City Charter provides in section 4 of Chapter 1 that an acting mayor, selected from the seated slate of at-large city councilors, can stand in for the mayor when the mayor is rendered unable to perform his or her duties for absences of shorter term. It also requires the acting mayor to step away from their City Council duties during longer-term absences.

Forsman will serve as acting mayor as needed through the entirety of his council term.