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Quote Me, Howie: Barry Midthun on his son, Maverick, who has won 113 youth golf tournaments

Maverick and Barry Midthun. Submitted

Former Denfeld star athlete and retired Duluth Police officer Barry Midthun on the amazing golf achievements of his son, Maverick (Class of 2029): “We moved down to Arizona from Duluth in May of 2014, when Maverick was about four years-old. He started playing golf tournaments when he turned five and won his first tournament. At first, Maverick didn’t enjoy golf and the heat of the summer, but that quickly changed when dad purposely followed up each day on the course with slushies from the nearby gas station. The rest is history — literally!

“Maverick lives, eats and sleeps golf. It’s his game — not his dad’s. He works extremely hard and is always analyzing his game to get better. He has worked hard at being able to shape shots both ways, low and high. Being homeschooled, he generally hits the course twice a day to practice and play. Most of his friends — and competitors — his age have already started their growth spurts, and generally are hitting the ball a lot further than him. But, Maverick’s short game is by far his strength and his putting is off the charts, which keeps his scores competitive. When the growth spurt does come and he starts hitting it off the tee as far as the field, I truly feel his best scores are yet to come. His upside is amazing. His goal is always the same: every time he tees it up, he wants and expects to win. Period.”

In almost eight years Maverick has played in 100-plus local Phoenix tour tournaments, and played in many multi-state and regional tournaments, national tournaments and a dozen world tournaments.

Maverick’s golf resume:

. 113 career tournament wins

. 50 second-place finishes

. Competed in 205 tournaments

. USA No. 1-ranked for the class of 2029 in June 2022, by Junior Scoreboard (currently top 15)

. Top-10 finishers in the NB3 National Championship on Golf Channel Dec 2022 (top 10)

. AZ state champion in 2021, 2022

. Maverick has a full sponsorships with TaylorMade Golf (clubs, bags, gloves, balls, hats, umbrellas, towels) and various clothing companies

. Maverick’s social media sites: InstagramFacebookTik Tok (9391 followers)