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Duluth Preservation Alliance to host awards ceremony

Duluth Preservation Alliance. Submitted

The Duluth Preservation Alliance will award 24 property owners for preserving and maintaining their historic homes, buildings and structures at the 2023 Preservation Awards and Centennial Home Celebration on May 31.

The annual awards ceremony was established over four decades ago to highlight the hard work and passion owners put into their properties in order to preserve the historical character. This year, 14 properties will receive Centennial Awards and 17 homeowners will receive Preservation Awards for their restoration projects.

"We are pleased to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions made by this year's recipients at the annual awards ceremony of the Duluth Preservation Alliance. These awards represent the culmination of countless hours of hard work, dedication, and passion for preserving the unique architectural heritage of their home or building,” said DPA President Blake Romenesko. “Each property owner has demonstrated a commitment to preserving the past for future generations. We extend our sincere congratulations to all of our award recipients and look forward to continuing to work together to protect and celebrate the historic treasures of Duluth."