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County highlights property tax refund programs available to residents

With 2024 St. Louis County property tax statements arriving in the mail over the next two weeks, county leaders want to highlight two state programs that could provide residents with property tax refunds.

For people whose home has homestead classification, the Minnesota Department of Revenue offers two types of property tax refunds – the regular homestead credit and the special homestead credit.

The regular homestead credit refund is for homesteaders whose property taxes exceed a specified percentage of household income. For taxes payable in 2024, the homeowner’s household income must have been less than $135,410 in 2023 to be eligible.

The special homestead credit refund is for homestead properties where the net property tax amount increased by 12% or more since the previous year. The increase must be at least $100 and cannot be due to new construction. There is no income limitation for this refund. The maximum refund is $1,000.

Nearly 29% of residents in the Arrowhead region, which includes St. Louis County, qualified for a property tax refund in 2021, the most recent year for which information is available.

Both programs require an application to the Department of Revenue using the M1PR form, which is available online on the Department of Revenue website. The deadline for filing a 2024 return is August 15, 2024.  Some taxpayers may qualify for the special refund even if they do not qualify for the regular refund.

Refunds are also not available to homeowners who owe delinquent taxes. Additional information about these two property tax refund programs be found online at or by calling the Department of Revenue at (800) 652-9094.