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Highway 29 north of Floodwood has been closed near the Stremmel Road intersection (just east of the TH 73 intersection) due to flooding. This is a paved road and is the primary route between Floodwood and Meadowlands. It runs alongside the St. Louis River, which is overflowing its banks and covering the road at this location.

Travelers are now asked to use Trunk Highway 73 and Highway 133 as an alternate route. Motorists are advised to use caution even on this detour as there is water on parts of TH 73. Crews from MN/DOT and St. Louis County are closely monitoring the condition of these roads and may announce changes in the future.

A separate portion of Highway 29, north of Meadowlands, also remains closed, though that closure is due to deteriorating gravel conditions caused by the spring thaw, not flooding.

St. Louis County Public Works staff continue to monitor the conditions of all county roads and will re-open roads as they are determined safe.

Anyone encountering unsafe road conditions should call 911 to report the location. Motorists are reminded to not drive through standing water as it can be unclear how deep it is. Also, there could be hazards hidden beneath the surface. People should stay vigilant and use caution near floodwaters, and keep children and pets away from fast moving water.

St. Louis County Public Works is responsible for maintaining 3,000 miles of County-State Aid Highways (CSAH), County Roads, and Unorganized Township Roads; and 900 bridges throughout the county. — St. Louis County press release