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Larson highlights the growth of our next generation in latest mayoral campaign video

Kathy Bogen of Duluth.

Mayor Emily Larson's campaign today released its next campaign video in a series, focusing on the health of prosperity of the youngest Duluthians.

From eliminating lead from water pipes, restoring and revitalizing parks in all neighborhood, renewing the city's commitment to equity and fairness, and building climate resilience: Mayor Larson is clear in the vision it takes to lead with meaning and purpose to ensure all residents are living in more thriving, more prosperous, and more healthier communities.

Because Mayor Larson's record of accomplishments is evident and she knows real community success is communal and not individual, her campaign video series highlights the stories of everyday Duluthians instead of simply shining the light on herself. The series has already focused on Larson's administration's commitment to equity, building community strength, and Duluth's record-breaking private business investment. The campaign's latest video follows lifelong Duluthian Kathy Bogen, known for her advocacy and strong involvement with the Duluth Community Schools Collaborative.

As Kathy says, "Mayor Larson is looking at what are we doing for children right now and what are we doing to ensure a healthy future and a community that can support them as they grow into adulthood. She has the broad vision for Duluth to be a place for a child to grow up. Children need stable housing, their families need to have jobs, and the community needs to be a safe place for kids to be out in their neighborhoods. She is attuned to all the different factors that are going to lead to making this community grow in a healthy way."

Last week campaign finance reports were due and Mayor Larson continues her strong lead ahead of the Primary Election next Tuesday. To date, Mayor Larson's campaign has raised more than any other candidate in the race. With more than 400 contributions from over 300 donors, Larson also comes out on top in the largest number of donors to a campaign in Duluth’s mayoral race.

Mayor Larson's campaign has also received the largest amount of endorsements from community members and organizations: the Duluth DFL, the Duluth Building and Construction Trades Council, IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), the Carpenters (North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters), Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 11, EMILY’s List, Women Winning, and Teamsters Joint Council 32 as well as a variety of many local community leaders, including current Duluth School Board, Duluth City Council, and St. Louis County Board Members.

-- Larson campaign press release