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Former Duluth Huskies general manager and current Enger Park Golf GM Craig Smith – "Too expensive for the organization to keep. I give the Viking’s credit for trying but his cap hit was too much for them to hang on to."

Minnesota business leader Mark Labovitz – "The Vikings will be fine. Concerned about our Twins this summer and current slump!"


Hermantown High football head coach Mike Zagelmeyer – "I think it was something that needed to be done. Pro ball revolves around money and his cap number vs his age vs his production… it was time to cut ties. I think the next couple years are going to be tough on Viking fans."


Legendary sports and automobile columnist John Gilbert – "The Vikings are apparently following the new trend of 'running back by committee' that other teams are employing. Usually, however, those are teams that don’t have a Dalvin Cook. I heard Denver is considering signing him, which would broaden the Broncos offense — and probably make the Vikings envious!"

Paul McDonald, legendary northeast Minnesota basketball coach and hoops referee – "The NFL is a business and he was a valuable player for them, but his cost was unaffordable for the team to retain him. It's time for Mattison to step up."

Highly-read sports scribe Steve Korby of Pine Knot News (Cloquet) – “Sorry to see Cook go. Right up there with Adrian Peterson and Bill Brown for Viking running back excitement.”

Former Bulldogs football superstar lineman Scott Lyons – "It sounds like Vikes are in cap trouble and jettisoning his salary give them some air. In today's world of pass spread offense, the running back position ends up to be an under receiver. I think not having the blue chip running back allows the defenses to only worry about the pass."