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Mayor Larson releases second campaign video in series

Mayor Emily Larson's campaign released the second video in a series focused on the stories of neighbors. This one follows the story of Justin Juntunen, small business owner and entrepreneur, highlighting the value of city leadership in making his vision become a reality. He counters the now decade-old narrative of Duluth as a hard place to do business and the personal encouragement he received from Mayor Larson.

Under Larson's leadership, Duluth has reached three straight years of record-breaking private business investment while streamlining the city permitting process to enable greater efficiency and responsiveness. For the first time in decades, Spirit Mountain and the Lake Superior Zoo are financially stable and independent. Larson's focus moving forward is to accelerate this momentum to make Duluth the first-choice location for business growth, expansion, investment and start-up in Minnesota. Her campaign is also tackling expanding access to affordable childcare so parents can confidently enter the workforce. Learn more about Mayor Emily Larson and her campaign at

-- Campaign press release. The Duluth Times publishes candidates' submitted press releases for free, as a public service for its readers.