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Print It! Roger Reinert's Facebook post regarding his Navy Reserve obligations

Reinert. Facebook

Reinert's post:

"Even while I serve as your Mayor, I continue to serve in the Navy Reserve. I hold the rank of Commander (O-5), and am currently the Executive Officer of a unit called NPASE (Navy Public Affairs Support Element). We provide support around the Fleet, and around the globe, to real-world Navy missions.

What does this mean to serve in the Reserves while I also serve as your Mayor? First, hundreds of others across the country are elected officials and also serving in the Guard and Reserve. It's new for us, but not unusual. Quarterly, I will travel for a long weekend. Currently that's Norfolk, VA, and next will be DC. And of course the two weeks we are all familiar with for guard and reserve members.

Thankfully, with technology I'm always connected. So far today, I have already talked to the City Administrator, city staff, and several City Councilors about things going on back home. I remain fully engaged with our work as Mayor while also proudly serving our country in the Reserves.

Thank you for your support with both of these callings! I love that our community is so military friendly. It is greatly appreciated by every Duluthian who serves. See you Monday!"