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Publish It! Duluth mayoral candidate Reinert staying busy this weekend

A Roger Reinert for Mayor post on Facebook today:


"We’ve got a BUSY weekend ahead, packed with a wide variety of community events. Another #everywhere #allthetime that I SO love about our big small town home! I can’t wait to see many of you out and about. If you see me at any of these events, please feel free to come say hi!

Chester Bowl Fall Fest - Join us from 8:30am - 5:00pm at the Chester Bowl Fall Fest. Come say hi, learn more about our campaign, sign up for a yard sign, and get some campaign merch!

Oktoberfestival - The Oktoberfestival is also kicking off today! Prost to community and good times! Stop by Bayfront to check it out.

Duluth Symphony Orchestra Season Opener - A shout out to the Duluth Symphony Orchestra as they start their 2023-2024 season. Music is the soul of any community! I’m a proud season ticket holder.

Inline Marathon 10K - I'll also be participating in the Inline Marathon 10K tomorrow morning. Running the race, then racing to the Fall Fest!

St. George’s Serbian Orthodox Centennial Celebration - Congratulations to our friends at St. Georges out in Gary/New Duluth for this historic milestone! I’ve had to opportunity to worship there in the past, and look forward to joining in your celebration.

148th Air National Guard "Generations of Excellence" Program - Our own 148th ANG Bulldogs are celebrating 75 years of service to our community, and in defense of our nation.

If you are interested in supporting our campaign, or learning more information, please visit our website:"