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Fred Friedman – "They should select the right quarterback not the anyone that is available. If a franchise leader that gets them to the playoffs with accuracy and escapability and durability and the ability to read defenses is available, take him. Otherwise, go with defense. No time to gamble. That’s how people get fired and that’s why the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl despite 22 Hall of Famers not counting Peterson and Smith and Allen who will be and Jim Marshall who has been dishonored for 40 years."

Don Ness – "I’m leaning towards them sticking at #11 and seeing who is available. Giving up three first-round picks is just too much for any of these guys. I don’t mind them sticking with Sam Darnold."

Peter L. Radosevich – "Let’s get a QB that isn’t afraid of the Minnesota weather and doesn’t need to move to Atlanta to stay warm."

Phill Homere – "I believe they should. Either JJ McCarthy or Michael Penix Jr wouldn’t be bad quarterbacks for them." 

John Gilbert – "The Vikings definitely need to draft a standout quarterback this year. My pick is the kid at Oregon, Bo Nix, because his skills fit into the team concept — great ability to improvise, run when necessary and throw interception-free bullets."

Mike Zagelmeyer – "Unfortunately, I really don't think they have a choice but to take a quarterback. Something has to happen at the quarterback position. Sam Darnold is not the long-term answer and I think everyone knows that. The question then becomes which rookie quarterback do they want, how much do they want to give up to get him, and are they going to keep JJ (Justin Jefferson) happy? They could probably get Penix at 11, but he is old for a rookie and has questionable knees. Obviously to go get Williams, Maye, Daniels or McCarthy, the Vikings are going to have to give up a lot. I just don't know if they should, given the fact that they have a ton of holes on defense that need to be filled also. This will probably be the most interesting draft the Vikings have had in many years. I might even tune in to watch."

Arik Forsman – “The decisions made on April 25 will likely define the next 5-10 years of Vikings football. Smart money is on Kwesi trading up into the top five for JJ McCarthy or Drake Maye. But don’t be surprised if the purple instead decides to stick and pick at #11 and make Michael Penix Jr. the next franchise QB.”

Dan Urshan – "Any of these advertised guys could be a bust. I like Sam Darnold. Do not give away the farm to move up. Use the #11 pick and go get Bo Nix or JJ McCarthy. I believe one of them will be available at #11. Use the other first-rounder to shore up the O line or for an edge rusher." 

Steve Battaglia – "Yes, draft a QB. Unless things are going on behind the scenes to trade for a legitimate proven starter, draft a QB."

Scott Lyons – "Keep the two 1st rounders and pick a QB at 11. There will be one that they can work with. Then use their other 1st round pick on the best athlete available (I prefer an OL)."