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Roger Reinert. Submitted

Roger Reinert, who's running for mayor of Duluth, in a Facebook post on the Lincoln Park and West Duluth shootings which took the life of a young man and injured another this week: "Yesterday around 1230pm I was having lunch in Lincoln Park with my sister and a friend. Meanwhile, just a couple blocks away, at the same time, gun violence erupted that killed one individual and injured another. Later, there was related gun violence in West Duluth. Several homes hit with stray bullets.I am aware that a campaign is about highlighting issues and engaging voters, but in part it is also about how you would handle situations once in office. I believe in communication, and wanted to say a few words about what happened yesterday.I am so grateful to our first responders - fire, police, and emergency medicine. And I am genuinely sorry for any family that loses a loved one to gun violence.Yesterday also highlights two things we must do, and do soon, as a community:Provide better support to Duluth Police and Duluth Fire. Both are currently understaffed, and need the personnel to be proactive and not just reactive.Refuse this new norm. This is not acceptable in Duluth. We have to collectively believe that, say that, and act upon it. Every Duluthian, in every one of neighborhoods, has the right to feel safe.Duluth - we are an amazing place and nowhere else I would rather call home. We have work to do for our community to be the best place possible to live, work, and play."