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A Roger Reinert photo posted on Facebook

A Facebook post by Duluth mayoral candidate Roger Reinert: "Hello Duluth! Both long-time supporters, and also new ones! I know we’ve picked up a few more folks paying attention after our strong showing in the Primary. When people ask me why I’m running, what I’m about, or my priorities as your next Mayor, I point them to the Five Big Issues ( I heard yesterday from another candidate in this race that these were just a 'list of complaints.' That couldn’t be further from the truth. DULUTH! These five big issues are the ones YOU said were at the top of your list. We spent the first five months of the campaign in conversation. Some 1,500 1-1 and small group chats from one end of the Duluth to the other – old, young, east, west, liberal conservative. I asked a lot of questions, took a lot of notes, and five themes emerged:

. Housing across all income levels

. Growing our commercial tax base


. Downtown Duluth

. Affordable property taxes

Our all-volunteer team has done a great job of putting these together, and all in one place, so they are easy to find and share. If you’ve got a friend who is undecided about the election, or needs motivation to vote this fall please pass along the link! Early voting starts September 22, and Duluth we are ready for something different.

Check out the 5 key issues video series of videos here: #5KeyIssues #ListeningToDuluth"