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St. Louis County conducting online surveys to measure public preference for design of two projects

St. Louis County Public Works engineers have created two online surveys to gather additional public input on design options for two upcoming projects in Duluth. Both projects have already involved several public meetings. They are the 40th Avenue West Corridor Project, which includes the intersection with Grand Avenue, and the Piedmont Avenue/24th Avenue West intersection project.

The online surveys provide participants with pictures of numerous scenarios and ask them to rate the various alternatives.

The 40th Avenue West Corridor Project survey can be accessed at: This survey includes options for driving lanes, parking, and pedestrian accommodations on 40th Avenue West, as well as options for the intersection at Grand Avenue. The construction project is expected to take place in 2026.

40th Avenue West

The Piedmont Avenue/24th Avenue West intersection survey can be accessed at: This survey invites people to rate seven options ranging from doing nothing to adding a variety of traffic controls and/or intersection reconfigurations. The County is evaluating options now to have a permanent solution ready for when the Twin Ports Interchange Project is finished.