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Quote Me, Howie: On Downtown Duluth and Skywalk safety

“A clean and safe downtown is the canvas on which a thriving downtown is created. Our public safety efforts have been a top priority since my first day in office. We will enforce our community norms. Our public safety efforts will continue to develop as we actively evaluate city code and identify ways to better support the efforts of our police, firefighters, and social workers and meet the expectations of our downtown workers, visitors, and residents.” – Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert

Since his taking office, the Duluth Police Department has taken the following specific measures to concentrate its focus on safety downtown:

. Bolstering efforts within the CORE, SURT, and CE-POP unit teams to allow its members to focus on safety issues more specific to the downtown population while better connecting those facing social disorder issues with the resources and services they need.

. Increasing foot patrols in the downtown Skywalk system and on downtown streets.

. Enforcing individuals entering roadways to solicit contributions from passing motorists.

. Working with city administration and the city attorney’s office to identify additional safety measures and gaps in our municipal code that might further assist in addressing the social disorder issues that exist in downtown Duluth.

“These measures showcase how the Duluth Police Department has prioritized being proactive in addressing community safety issues in downtown Duluth and in the Skywalk system." – Duluth Police Chief Mike Ceynowa.

“The Duluth City Attorney’s office shares in the commitment to improving the public’s safety in our downtown neighborhood and business district. We’re actively evaluating new strategies to implement in the downtown district while also continuing those that are tried and true, like the addition of prosecutors to our office. The community’s safety continues to be a goal we share across departments.” – Duluth City Attorney Jessica Fralich.