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St. Louis County Depot issues RFP for tenants for 2024 and beyond

In the spirit of transparency and fairness, the St. Louis County Depot is again providing opportunity for potential new tenants by issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP). Last year’s process brought about the return of the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra (DSSO) with their offices, library, and limited run

The Minnesota Ballet took a big leap with the addition of a new studio for practices, performances, and a variety of engaging activities including drag shows, film series, and other special events.

Once again, the Depot is issuing an RFP, calling on organizations that are interested in engaging office, exhibit, or performance space in the 131-year-old landmark building. All current tenants have been encouraged to apply, but outside organizations are also welcome. Points will be awarded to those with meaningful commitment to the Depot’s mission and vision. Non-profits and for-profits are both welcome to apply.

“Our vision has carried us far in the past four years, but we are looking to go further.” said Mary Tennis, Depot Director. “The RFP is the county’s process for application. I like to think of it as a rental application plus a little bit of vision.”

Last year, St. Louis County issued its first Request for Proposals. Due to planned construction and renovations at the historic building, last year’s leases were for only one year. This time, applicants may be able to negotiate for longer leases, depending on the location in the Depot.

St. Louis County is committed to subsidizing the rent to support the arts, history and cultural organizations that provide community engagement throughout the building. Tenants currently pay only about 25% of the market rate for space in downtown Duluth. Because the county is subsidizing the rent, it is required by state statute to use an RFP process to select tenants.

More information, including a link to the RFP, can be found at The direct link to the RFP can be accessed here. Prospective tenants with questions can contact Mary Tennis at 218-
726-5230 or email: The deadline for applications is May 30, 2023