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Andrews, DeSutter named Grandma's Marathon Volunteers of the Year

Grandma's Marathon. Submitted

Joan Andrews and Tom DeSutter have been named the 2023 Don Fennessy Volunteers of the Year, it was announced today by Grandma’s Marathon.

The pair each has more than two decades of volunteering history with the event, with most of it coming side-by-side as co-coordinators of the race weekend information booth.

Both Andrews and DeSutter claim there are too many highlights to count throughout the years, but the feeling of helping others has been a mainstay in their position since the beginning.

“We’ve had a chance to meet people from all over the world,” Andrews said about her experience at the information booth. “The runners and their families never fail to amaze me. They constantly thank us for our help, so we know we are providing an important service, and we feel so honored to be receiving this award.”

“It’s a lot of work each year to make the Information Booth a success,” DeSutter said, “but the sense of contribution to the overall effort adds a specific meaning for all of us.”

The duo works year-round to help recruit and train volunteers for the information booth, which serves as a trusted “go-to voice” of the marathon for runners and the community on race weekend. What started as one booth more than 20 years ago has now turned into two, but the co-coordinators have smiled through the changes.

“Showing off Duluth and the North Shore,” DeSutter said, “and being part of such a great event while having so much fun is something I continue to relish. Joining the elite group of volunteers who have given so much time and effort is truly an honor.”

“To be recognized by the marathon itself is just icing on the cake,” Andrews added. “Some awesome volunteers have preceded us, so it’s an honor to be included among the great history of this race.”

Named after longtime Grandma’s Marathon volunteer and Board member Don Fennessy, this award recognizes individuals or groups who have donated a tremendous amount of time and, in doing so, have assisted in the successful operation of the event.

Andrews and DeSutter will be officially presented with their award on Thursday, June 22 at the 2023 Grandma’s Marathon Volunteer Appreciation Party at Wade Stadium in Duluth.


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