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Roger Reinert, Prep Sports Notebook in the news

Roger Reinert. Howie /

Another Duluth mayoral candidate Roger Reinert post on Facebook:

"To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are, 'Facts, Darned Facts, and Statistics.' Last week at a forum hosted by the Lake Superior Area Realtors I said that we had only built some 50 new homes over the past decade. I was generous.

The truth is from 2010 to 2020 we only added a net of 36 single-family homes. This is from an August 20, 2021, StarTribune article. Since other socials may hide or delete the link to this story we are including it here:

You were also told you can find my comment in my opening statement at about the 1:20 mark, but it’s actually at the 20:30 mark in the video of the forum here:

We are desperately short on middle income homes for sale. Drive around our community and you KNOW this to be true. THAT is the point of this discussion, and we’ve been talking about the need for housing across all income levels since the start of this campaign. Our Duluth housing market is stuck in the middle, and we have to make adding inventory a City Hall priority. Right now too many lifelong Duluthians can’t afford a home in their own community. Forget about new residents. And lack of housing is a driving factor in our inability to grow.

In the past decade Duluth grew by .05%, or just 432 residents. Meanwhile, our neighbors grew by 7%, 8.5%, and 11%. And Minnesota’s other regional centers grew by an average of 10%. I know last week I was risky and dangerous, and today you’re being told I’m a liar. In the #riskyroger video I shared with you that this was coming. We can expect more of the same over the next five weeks. When you can’t win on the issues, you attack the candidate.

Hang in there with us Duluth! Just five weeks to go until we can vote for something different. Let’s stay positive, focused on our own campaign, and focused on the issues. Thank you Duluth!"

Prep Sports Notebook

Mark Thursday, Feb. 1, 7 p.m. Denfeld Gym on your calendar – in unsmudgeable pen ink – when Denfeld is scheduled to host Cherry in a nonconference high school boys basketball game between state-ranked teams. Several of the state's top college prospects will be on the floor, including ultra-elite Tigers senior guard Isaac Asuma – a Gophers recruit – and his rising-star sophomore brother Noah, and Hunters signature players Marnaries Ferguson, a lightning-quick junior guard, sharp-shooting 6-3 senior guard Aidan Newton and dominating 6-6 senior center K.J. Pulliam.

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