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After reaching its second-earliest sellout ever a year ago, Grandma’s Marathon will open registration for its 2024 race weekend on Sunday, October 1.

With three weekend races – Grandma’s Marathon, Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, and William A. Irvin 5K – bringing more than 20,000 participants to Duluth and the surrounding region each year, the event has now reached a sellout in two straight years.

“If race day is the biggest day of our year, the day registration opens is a close second in terms of excitement for our participants,” said Marketing & Public Relations Director Zach Schneider. “With the great race weekends we’ve had in recent memory, there’s every reason to believe we’ll again see lots of interest starting on October 1 and set ourselves up for another big weekend in June.”

The 2024 Grandma’s Marathon weekend is scheduled for June 20-22