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Minnesota NOW endorses Reinert for Duluth's next mayor

Mayoral candidate Roger Reinert received the endorsement of Minnesota NOW in the race to be Duluth’s next mayor.

Minnesota NOW is a political action arm of the National Organization for Women.

Minnesota NOW focuses its work on Constitutional equality, reproductive rights, economic equality, racial justice, LGBTQ+ issues, and freedom from sexual and domestic violence.


“The support form Minnesota NOW reflects my long history of speaking to these issues, working on these issues, and voting in support of these issues,” said Reinert. “I grew up in a unique household where in a family of nine, six were female. My mom and five sisters. I’ve seen these issues at play up-close and personal, and it’s shaped who I am as an individual, a male, and a leader.”

The full slate of endorsed and supported candidates can be found here:

“I am so grateful for the support from Minnesota NOW,” said Reinert. “Throughout this campaign we have been interested in talking to anyone willing to talk to us, and working with everyone willing to work with us. With well over 1,000 conversations in the first phase of the campaign, and our strong showing in the Primary, we know that Duluthians are ready for something different.”

City of Duluth elections are non-partisan.  The Mayoral Primary was Tuesday, August 8, and Reinert finished first with 64% of the vote. The top two vote-getters will be in the General Election on Tuesday, November 7.

-- Press release