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Roger Reinert on Lester Park Golf Course: 'Let's vote against permanent closure, and keep the conversation going'

Roger Reinert

Duluth mayoral candidate Roger Reinert, in a Facebook post on a City of Duluth administration's plan to shutter Lester Park Golf Course: "Today marks 91 years since the City of Duluth was gifted the gem that is Lester Park Golf Course. We heard about LPG a LOT this weekend at the Rendezvous, but we've actually been hearing about it the entire campaign – and not just from residents living out east. In full transparency, I am NOT a golfer. But early in the campaign it became very clear that this is an issue that many from all corners of the city are really passionate about, so I listened and learned more. After meeting with dozens of residents and citizen groups, I see many viable ideas and paths to keeping the golf course while making it profitable. Let's vote against permanent closure, and keep the conversation going. Once that park space is gone we will never get it back."