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Print It! Roger Reinert's Facebook post honoring Veterans Treatment Court

Reinert speaking at Veterans Treatment Court on Monday. Facebook

Said Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert: "St. Louis County Veterans Treatment Court celebrated its 10-year anniversary yesterday. I was honored to attend and provide them with a Mayoral Proclamation helping celebrate the critical work they do.

The court was launched in 2014 after local veterans approached Judge Dale Harris, a retired Navy JAG captain, about creating a court to assist veterans who found themselves in trouble and in the legal system. During its first three years, the St. Louis County Veterans Treatment Court operated informally and assisted more than 60 veterans.

The Veterans Treatment Court is a now a more formalized, but still voluntary, 15 to 18 month program. During the program a judge leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals to collaboratively assist the veteran with an array of services – from emergency financial assistance, to chemical dependency and mental health/trauma counseling, to employment training assistance and temporary housing.

We had a chance yesterday to hear from graduates of the program, to meet Veterans who are also serving as mentors to other Veterans in the program, and to see all the supporting and participating agencies. It was truly moving!"